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Via’s Isaiah II might be Intel’s first real mobile x86 competitor

With AMD’s mobile failings, it might be time to give for Via to give Intel a run for its mobile SoC money.

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Long before Intel was pushing itself into the mobile sector, with its aggressive contra revenue schemes and a big China bet, Via Technologies was pushing out low-power chips in 2008 codenamed “Nano” for small formfactor devices like netbooks. While these chips weren’t SoCs (the smartphone itself was only a year-old then), by all accounts they were “mobile” processors. Now, Via is readying its first x86 chip in years called “Isiah II” to give Intel’s Atom and AMD’s Kabini some much needed competition in the market.

The new Isiah II platform (Nano was first codenamed Isaiah when it was released) is quad-core and sports a 2.00 GHz clock, with 2 MB of L2 cache.


At Via’s booth at the InfoComm 2014 conference, Via benchmarked the chip against an Athlon 5350 and Atom Z3770. As you can see below, Isaiah II proves competitive against the two. While Intel will always be able to buy hardware wins for its silicon, Via’s new chip will prove to be a considerable threat against AMD’s struggling mobile efforts.

Via is expected to launch Isaiah II sometime in the fall.

Via: TechPowerUp

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