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Verizon keeps trolling its customers, says the Nexus 6 is ‘coming soon’

Well, not soon enough, obviously.


It’s been almost four months since Google took the wraps off the whale-like Nexus 6, roughly three months since the Motorola-made phablet started shipping from the Play Store, and over two months since AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile joined the launch party.

All this time, Big G vowed the highest-end Nexus handheld ever released would be available on all four major US carriers. Only Ma Bell, the Now Network and Magenta make just three. What’s going on in Verizon’s camp, you ask?

The usual – the number one wireless operator stateside is taking its sweet time, keeping devoted customers on their toes without so much as a heads-up or apology. Even worse, Big Red seems to be playing with their fans’ patience, recently putting up a “coming soon” message online.

Nexus 6 coming soon

Soon, Verizon? You don’t know the meaning of the word. “Soon” would have been alongside your competition back in November. Even December would have been okay, considering. Now? It’s too little, too late.

There are so many good options for prospective buyers these days, not to mention the Nexus 5 is back, and Samsung is reportedly planning to put a cleaner-than-ever version of Android on the Galaxy S6. For non-sticklers of “pure” Google software, HTC’s One M9 is nigh, and LG’s G3 is super-affordable.

Back to the N6, it can be purchased straight from Google starting at $649 outright. Or via T-Mobile, for no upfront charge, and monthly payments of either $27.08 or $29.16 depending on your storage choice. AT&T and Sprint want $250 with two-year pacts, or $683 and $648 respectively for full retail.

Finally, Amazon will help you take 50 bucks off Sprint’s on-contract listing, or score an unlocked GSM model in exchange for $750. You see, Verizon, your only shot now is to price the beastly Android at $150 with carrier agreements, and $600 off-contract. Which we all know would entail hell freezing over first.

Source: Droid-Life

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