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Verizon Ellipsis 7 tablet surfaces online: carrier-specific Nexus 7 ‘killer’?

It all started with Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which threatened Apple’s iPad with a dynamite blend of portability and affordability, but it only was after Google’s Nexus 7 intro that a solid smaller than 10-inch tablet niche was truly established.

Verizon Ellipsis 7

And now everyone wants a piece of the pie and everyone’s out to get Google and their stellar N7. Including apparently Verizon. Wait, what? What does a carrier have to do with a battle among manufacturers?

You’d think it wasn’t Big Red’s business to stick its nose in that particular brawl, yet a mystery Ellipsis 7 slate has been revealed by leaker extraordinaire @EvLeaks mere hours ago. There’s no sign of any branding on the 7-incher other than Verizon’s, so by all intents and purposes this appears to be a Verizon-made gizmo.

Then again, it’s hard to believe a wireless service provider has decided all of a sudden to build a gadget from scratch. And that they managed to keep it all a secret for so long. Plus, the Ellipsis looks fairly modest and that’s no way for a big player like Verizon to tackle a new and exciting task.

Bottom line, there’s almost absolutely no way Big Red had anything to do with the 7-incher’s production. Instead, there’s a good chance someone like Huawei or ZTE assembled it and then sent it to the US of A stripped of any kind of own branding. Similar to what Sprint does from time to time with budget-conscious phones like the Vital.

The big question now is what Verizon’s angle is here. Once again, the Ellipsis 7 looks, to be completely frank, fugly, with huge bezels and essentially nothing to make it stand out. So does the network think they can launch this instead of the LTE-enabled Nexus 7 2013 and people will just roll with it? No way Jose.

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