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Verizon-bound Nokia Lumia 929 shows up on video: a smaller, thicker, more robust Lumia 1520

AT&T may have gotten US exclusivity of the gargantuan Nokia Lumia 1520, the first Windows Phone to come with FHD resolution and quad-core power, but it’s now a near certainty Nokia will be doing Verizon a pretty big favor as well.

Nokia Lumia 929

Maybe an even bigger one, though not in the literal sense of the word. The Lumia 929, which Big Red will most definitely start selling in time for the holidays, is smaller than the Lumia 1520, with a 5-inch screen, yet it has greater potential to appeal to the masses.

Why? Exactly due to its size, which makes it easier to handle. Besides, we have no reason to believe the 929 will cut any corners in the hardware department, based on one or two reports emerged in the past and a short video uploaded to YouTube, then nixed, presumably at Nokia’s request.

The clip (embedded below), which Tom Warren of The Verge has mirrored, showcases the Lumia 929 in all its glory, aesthetical strong suits and flaws included. Namely, it appears the 5-incher has a mildly stronger build than its 6-inch cousin, courtesy of an aluminum frame (just the frame, mind you), yet it’s likely somewhat chunkier, with a profile that I’m guessing measures roughly 10 mm.

Other than that, the fellow looks exactly as you’d expect, with slim bezels, an overall industrial feel and Verizon logos and badges plastered all over. Yuck, I know, but you should have probably got used to how Big Red rolls by now.

As far as specs go, let’s mention the Lumia 929 is still tipped to mimic the 1520 by the letter, save for display size and storage, where the upcoming handheld will offer 32 and 64 GB choices, with no possibilities of expansion however.

Okay, Verizon, bring it on, slap a price tag of no more than $200 with contracts and let the games begin. As for Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG and Sony, I reckon it’s time they started to fear Nokia. Don’t you guys think the same?

Sources: The Verge, WP Central Forums

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