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VAULTCARD: A Pocket Sized RFID Protector

This week on VR Zone’s “Crowdfunding Campaign of the Week”, we feature VAULTCARD. A credit card sized RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) protector, VAULTCARD keeps personal information stored in your RFID enabled cards safe and secure – away from electronic pick-pocketing.

Image Credit: VAULTCARD
Image Credit: VAULTCARD

With technology moving forward, credit and identification cards have gone contactless by tapping on RFID technology. It works by having a small chip and antenna rely embedded into the card. No longer do you have to remove the card from your wallet to approve a transaction, all you have to do is tap the card on a scanner. However in adopting this technology, we also open a new avenue for technology savvy thieves, to steal our personal information through RFID skimming.

This is where VAULTCARD steps in, its patented RFID protection technology safeguards your cards’ information automatically. Blocking all possible RFID skimming, it does not require battery, pre-configuration, a companion mobile application or complicated assembly. Just place the VAULTCARD in your wallet to instantly keep your information secure.  

Image Credit: VAULTCARD

It is capable of safeguarding all RFID cards from skimming, as long as they are within 4cm in radius. If VAULTCARD detects an electromagnetic wave or RFID skimming decide nearby, it will “create a sophisticated jamming signal that blocks RFID readers.” This does not mean that you would not be able to use contactless payments, just move the VAULTCARD at least 20cm away when making any transaction.

Most RFID protection devices usually only comes in the form of a wallet, and this is inconvenient as it forces you switch wallets. Even then, there might be “blind” spots and it may not protect you from high-powered skimming devices – of which the VAULTCARD can.

Image Credit: VAULTCARD
Image Credit: VAULTCARD


Availability and Price

With just a little more than a week left, VAULTCARD has already been successfully funded. Reasonably priced at SG$30 (£17), VAULTCARD ships to anywhere in the world at an additional flat rate of SG$4 (£2). All orders are estimated to be fulfilled by August next month.

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