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Various display changes for future Apple devices predicted

Its not unusual to hear predictions about future Apple devices. The latest prediction deals with displays and the changes Apple might make in the devices it is going to launch next year.


This particular prediction reiterates some of the rumors that we’ve already heard about future Apple devices. These include the possibility of iPad mini 2 having a Retina Display, IGZO panels for MacBooks and the company’s iWatch smartwatch using a OLED display. It also touches upon the possibility of next generation iPhone having a larger display, something which has already been rumored time and time again.

It is said that the next generation iPhone, which will be launched next year, will come with a 5 inch display. It was reported back in September that Apple is currently testing various iPhone prototypes with varying display sizes up to 6 inches, so its definitely not a surprise to hear about the possibility of a larger display in the next iPhone. Apple is also said to differentiate its tablet offering in entry and premium models, with the company releasing a 12.9 inch iPad next year. It has already been rumored to be working on an iPad with a larger display. IGZO displays for MacBooks are expected as well, since these panels offer better reaction times and higher resolution while consuming less power.

The iWatch is rumored to come with a 1.5 inch OLED display. Apple is said to have hired one OLED expert in recent months, which leads many to believe that the company’s hotly anticipated smartwatch might indeed come with an OLED display. Up till now Apple has not said if it is developing such a product and if it has any plans of releasing it next year.

Source: ETNews

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