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Valve demonstrates the Steam Controller’s functionality in new video

Valve has released a demonstration trailer that shows how their newly announced Steam Controller handles with actual gameplay, highlighting the device’s flexibility, customization options and innovative functionality in the process.


The video features both on-screen footage of the live gameplay session as well as a close-up of the narrator handling Valve’s new Steam Controller, showing integral functions like movement schemes via the trackpads as well as customized key bindings.

The footage demonstrates how the Steam Controller handles across two diverse game types, including Portal 2‘s first-person shooter mechanics as well as Civilization 5‘s tactical strategy.

The prototype in the trailer is the very same model that will be shipped out to 300 Steam users for the device’s beta test, which will be conducted to sort out any bugs and refine the controller’s overall mechanics.

[youtube id=”eeAjkbNq4xI” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Valve unveiled the Steam Controller a bit ago, shortly after the announcement of the Steam Machine console and the SteamOS environment that will power it. The controller itself is innovative in its design and function, and features a striking design that’s noticeably absent of joysticks–instead it will use trackpads that utilize dynamic haptic feedback.

Not only does the new video underline the general handling of the Steam Controller, but it displays how versatile the input device can be, as it’s fully mappable and customizable with a massive array of key bindings.

Steam Controller

Valve’s plans to enter the console market have caught the attention of the entire industry, and the current console leaders–Microsoft and Sony–will be watching the company’s crossover into the domain of the living room with a wary eye.

Whether or not the PC gaming giant’s efforts will prove to be enough to take on the industry leaders remain to be seen, but Valve will assuredly make their mark once the PC-powered console is readied for a retail launch.

The company will have to not only compete with Microsoft and Sony for dominance of the living room, but with the popular Android-powered consoles like the Ouya, Gamestick and the Mojo to name a few. It will be interesting to see how these systems compete against one another when they are introduced to the market, especially Valve’s cross-over console versus the PS4 and Xbox One.

Valve will be rolling out more demonstration videos in the future, and we’ll be sure to update you when more information becomes available. For updates on Valve’s new Steam Machine console, be sure to visit the official Steam community page.

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