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V-Moda Crossfade Wireless Headphone Review: A Metallic Masterpiece

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If you are in the market for premium, studio-quality headphones, then the V-Moda Crossfade might be something you should be checking out. The metallic Crossfade is a powerful set of headphone that seeks to give serious audiophiles the time of their life. Priced at $489, the V-Moda Crossfade Wireless is an expensive set of earphones, but if you are willing to part with some dough, then getting the V-Moda Crossfade would be a great decision.



The V-Moda’s metallic body and reflective plates makes it feel like a luxurious device that cries for attention. Crossfade is uniquely designed to fit the slender contours of your face such that you’ll look on point when you’re wearing these bad boys out on the streets.

The metallic shields of the crossfade are also built to be scratch, and shockproof so it can withstand your abuse and harsh treatments. The Steelflex headbands are one of the most indestructible headphones in the market.



What’s interesting about the Crossfade is the fact that it’s built to be a personal investment. You can change the shield plates on the sides of the Crossfade to build up a custom Crossfade and change your cushions according to your preference to truly personalise your Crossfade.


The padding on the Crossfade’s ear cups are well-built and comfortable. The ears didn’t feel achy at all after over 4 hours of continuous musical testing. However, due to the premium leather build, trying to use these devices in the hot afternoon sun in Singapore might make you break out in quite a sweat.



The Crossfade also allows you to switch between wired and wireless modes. If your device runs out of juice, simply attach an auxiliary cable to continue your musical experience.

Audio Performance


The Crossfade is a well-balanced speaker that aces its mids to give off a very natural sound that doesn’t sound as if it’s trying too hard in any of the frequencies. Compared to wired headphones, the Crossfade sounds nearly as good, if not just as good as V-Moda’s other wired companions.


The Crossfade is able to hit very low levels of bass, with the lowest frequency being 5Hz. The human ear can only hear till 20Hz, that’s our lower limits, so the Crossfade is able to hit the bottom notes far better than we need it too.

The bass sounds very tight and punchy, however, I would have preferred if it had a rounder and more surreal feel, since the bass didn’t quite have that surround feel towards it.


The midrange frequency of the Crossfade sounds extremely good, allowing it to carry electric guitars and male vocals very well, in a smooth and hearty manner. It didn’t feel artificial in the slightest bit, giving it a wholesome feel. Guitars had a nice crisp strum towards it as well.


The V-Moda Crossfade carried the highs well, perhaps a little too well. The highs sounded quite strong in female vocals, causing them to slightly overpower the instruments. You might say that this allows you to focus on the right things, but then again, it masks the beauty of the instruments sometimes.

I honestly loved the Crossfade’s rendition of female vocals, it was really superb, listening to Korean female vocal artists like Ailee or UK heartthrob like Adele was nothing short of a pleasant experience.

Battery Life and Connectivity

With 12 hours of audio playback, the V-Moda Crossfade outperforms most other headphones out there. There is really nothing much to complain about the V-Moda Crossfade in this department.

Connectivity was fairly good as well, even going to another room did not disrupt the Crossfade’s connection, but obviously moving beyond that cuts off the bluetooth connection.



I loved the V-Moda’s audio performance and comfy build, but then again, how do you complain about a $489? It simply feels as if my ears don’t deserve such goodness. It’s design, audio performance and bluetooth connectivity is all great. The only beef I have is with its expensive price tag and perhaps it being too warm for Singapore’s weather, which makes our ears sweat quite a bit, even under the shade.


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