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Using Virtual Reality To Build In Unreal Engine

Build for VR in VR

In an incredible new video posted by Unreal Engine, they show a live demo of a developer creating a virtual reality experience, in virtual reality.

[youtube id=”JKO9fEjNiio” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

The implications of this new ability show the incredible speed and ease in which to create digital environments.

Founder and CEO of Unreal Engine, Tim Sweeney states,

You don’t need to learn the user interface.  You already know it.  You’re brain has been working this way since you were a baby.

In the video we see Unreal’s technical director, Mike Fricker, easily navigating the interface and creating what seems to be a castle structure.

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You can expect demos like this to gain traction for those on the fence about developing and creating content for virtual reality.  Not only is the creation experience more natural, but more fun.

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