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Used iPhones with ‘Flappy Bird’ going for as much as $100K on eBay

Less than 24 hours after being discontinued by its own creator, smashing mobile game hit Flappy Bird is again in the limelight, as fans of the once free-to-play title look willing to cough up 100 gees to get that miserable yellow bird through one more pipe set.

iPhone Flappy Bird

Be honest, how jealous were you of Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen when he revealed the hefty ad revenue checks he cashed in every single day? For crying out loud, even Leo DiCaprio probably sweats a little before racking up that kind of moolah.

Meanwhile, this “indie game maker” likely a put a week’s work into ripping off Mario’s graphics, then sat back and laughed, and laughed, and laughed as literally everybody owning an iPhone or Android handheld desperately tried to survive north of ten seconds in the silliest, most irritating and frustrating mobile game in history.

But believe it or not, there may be an even easier way to earn dough off Flappy. As Nguyen shockingly yanked it off both Google Play and the iOS App Store, the only people that can still blow off steam (or the exact opposite) by yelling at the GD bird and the GD pipe maze are, naturally, those who downloaded it ahead of its departure. Free of charge, remember.

eBay iPhone 5s Flappy Bird

So what about everyone else? Well, you can probably get it illegally online for your rooted Android. Shh, you didn’t hear it from me.

As for Apple aficionados, be ready to crack open the piggy banks, and possibly rob some real banks, as a used iPhone 5s with Flappy Bird installed can set you back as much as $99,900. Maybe more, as several eBay auctions are in full swing. The $99,900 one has had 74 bids so far, the latest from users with pretty decent feedback.

There’s also an iPhone 5 going for $90,350, and an $81,100 iPad Air. All legit-looking transactions, with apparently trustworthy sellers and potential buyers enjoying solid reputations in the eBay community. I could find a million snarky remarks to end this piece with, but I’d rather let Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth do the honors.

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