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How to Use Facebook Messenger Like A Pro

Facebook, is without a doubt, the most-used social media platform in the world. With Facebook placing an increasing focus on it’s new platform Messenger, let’s show you some tips on how to navigate this incredible app like a true pro.

1. Use Your Secret Inbox


If you think all your messages show up in your notifications and regular mailbox, you might want to think again. Receiving a message from someone who isn’t a friend will cause Facebook to store your message in a separate inbox. You will have to check this “inbox” under “Message Requests”.

Furthermore, if Facebook deems someone as a spammer, it will automatically filter these messages and transfer them to a unique inbox known as “filtered requests” that also exists in the “Message Request” inbox.

To access these messages on your Messenger App, go to Settings >> People >> Message Requests >> See Filtered Messages.

2. Share Songs Via Spotify

facebook messenger spotify vr zone

Listening to a song alone feels kind of dull. If you love a track on Spotify, you can send it to a friend via Messenger. Just press the Triple Dot Button >> Spotify >> Artist/Song. Of course, to utilise this trick, you need to have both of the apps installed in your phone.

3. Share Dropbox Files


Similar to sharing Spotify songs, you can also share Dropbox files via Messenger on your phone. The prerequisite is of course, to have Dropbox on your device already. Sharing files works the same way as sharing songs from Spotify.

We would have preferred it if we could share Google Drive files, but we still appreciate the extra convenience.

Triple Dot Button >> Dropbox

4. Mute Annoying People


If you dislike that annoying “bling” noise that Messenger makes everytime someone hits the send button, You will be elated to know that you can mute these annoying people.

Just hold on the conversation and select the mute option. You can choose to mute your friends or groups for a pre-determined period of time or indefinitely.

5. Hide From Peeping Toms

Messenger usually displays the first few lines of message as preview, but if you try to stop it from showing previews, your friends around you can peep at your personal messages between you and “bae”.

Settings >> Notifications >> Show Previews (or not)

6. Share Location


Trying to meet a directionally-challenged friend for a drink? Try sharing your location with them on a map so they can navigate towards you more easily.

Triple Dot Button >> Location

7. Send GIFs


There are tonnes of apps you can install on your phone to send GIFs. They range from generalised ones like GIPHY with a huge repository of GIFs to special ones like Disney Gif to spice up your conversations.

Triple Dot Button >> Install App (Select from list)

8. Give Your Friends a Bigger Like

If a like isn’t enough, you can bump up your thumb game by shooting your friends a mega-like. Just hold onto the like button for a long enough time and the like you send will be a BIG one!

9. Play Chess with Your Friends


Challenge your buddies to a test of wits by typing @fbchess play in-chat and a board should appear. Your friend (or opponent) will be asked to go first.

Select pieces:

  • K for the king
  • Q for the queen
  • N for the knight
  • R for rook
  • P for the pawn

After you select the piece, further add on the letter and number you wish to move the piece to.

10. Play Basketball with Buddies

There are actually many games you can try out on Messenger, but we bet you probably don’t know about basketball.

Just send a basketball emoticon over to your friend, swipe the basketball towards the hoop and score points like Michael Jordan.

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