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USB 3.0 Speed Tests: 7-Way Host Controllers Roundup

Crystal DiskMark is a very simple benchmark to run and as we’ve already performed a range of benchmark that deal with small file sizes, we set Crystal DiskMark x64 to copy some 4GB worth of data and just to get a nice even average we did this five times over.

With the ASM1051E and the Patriot Wildfire SSD, the Renesas µD720201 came out on top in the read performance, although Etron once again won the write performance. Once again we have some ASRock XFast USB numbers here as well which shows a good improvement on the write performance, but the read performance wasn’t really affected at all.

Plugging in the the Akitio NT2 U3 with the two Corsair Force GT SSDs changed the landscape slightly with the Renesas µD720201 coming out on top once again in both the read and write tests.

Finally with a single Corsair GT SSD plugged into the VLI VL701 the Renesas µD720201 is once again in the lead in the read test, but the old NEC µD720200 managed to beat the competition in the write test, although by such a tiny margin that it doesn’t really matter. Once again we ran into performance issues between the ASMedia ASM1042 and the VLI VL701 in the read test, hence the low score.

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