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USB 3.0 Speed Tests: 7-Way Host Controllers Roundup

We ran into numerous issues with AS SSD, not because of the hardware, but because of the benchmark itself seemingly throwing random numbers at us and what’s represented in the graphs here is happy medium in terms of the performance figures we got. AS SSD is relying on incompressible data, but even so we saw pretty big fluctuations in the performance, with variations of as much as 30-40MB/s when we re-ran the same test on the same setup. We only ran the sequential read/write test and the 4k 64 threaded read/write test.

In the standard sequential read write test with the ASM1051E and Patriot Wildfire SSD, the ASMedia ASM1042 and Renesas µD720201 are showing the best read performance, while the Etron EJ168A comes out slightly ahead of the pack in terms of write performance as long as it’s connected directly to the CPU bypassing the chipset. Again it’s clear that ASRock’s XFast USB software does offer a nice performance boost, but in this case only in the read test. Moving to the 4k 64 threaded test the read performance is just about as slow across the board, but here Etron’s EJ168A comes out slightly ahead and it’s also the fast controller in the write test by a fair margin.

Moving to the Akitio NT2 U3 and the pair of Corsair Force GT SSDs the playing field is pretty level with the Renesas µD720201 having a small lead in both the read and write tests. In the 4K 64 threaded test Etron is back on top again, although once again by only a small margin.

Finally we have the VLI VL701 and single Corsair Force GT setup and here we’re seeing the Renesas µD720201 in the lead in the read test by a tiny margin over the NEC µD720200, which is also in the lead in the write test. Moving on to the 4K 64 threaded test we’re looking at a similar scenario as before with Etron in the lead, although only by a smidgen ahead of the Renesas µD720201. The ASMedia ASM1042 was having read issues when combined with the VLI VL701 as we mentioned earlier, although it’s only really noticeable in the sequential read test.

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