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US Navy has to combat over 110,000 cyber attacks every hour

It's no surprise that US military gets hit by a lot of cyber attacks but a recent report from the US Navy pegs that number at 110,000 attacks every hour, or 30 attacks every second of the day

It should come as no surprise to anyone that when it comes to cyber attacks there is no bigger target than the military, but an inadvertantly released report Hewlett Packard shows that those attack numbers are far greater than we might imagine.

HP provides the network used by the US Navy and its 800,000 men and women in around 2,000 locations worldwide. Mike Nefkins, the head of enterprise services at HP, said at the recent Discover event held by the company that the Navy network faces 110,000 attacks every hour, which averages out to 1,833 per minute or 30 every second.

The reason that HP has these kind of numbers to share, even if only internally, is because they manage the Navy Marine Corps Intranet as well as its transition to a Next Generation Enterprise Network, a deal that is apparently worth $3.3 billion.

Also at the same event Nefkens told attendees that HP currently manages some 5.5 million mobile devices across 100 countries and handles 13 billion credit card transactions every year.

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