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US-based satellite TV provider Dish Network to accept Bitcoins later this year

Dish Network would be the largest company to accept the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin coin

These days you can use bitcoins to purchase anything your heart desires. From cars, to food shelter and drugs. Now, you can add satellite TV service to that list — if you’re in the United States.

Dish Network recently announced that it will begin accepting Bitcoin as a payment method later this year. For users using bitcoin to pay for their service, the company will use payment processor Coinbase to convert Bitcoin to US dollars during the transaction.

Dish Network’s Chief Operating Officer Bernie Han says that his company is providing customers with this option because of customer demand.

“We always want to deliver choice and convenience for our customers and that includes the method they use to pay their bills,” he said in a statement. “Bitcoin is becoming a preferred way for some people to transact and we want to accommodate those individuals.”

It should also be noted that cryptocurrency payment processors like Coinbase have a much lower set of transaction fees than credit card processors. Coinbase doesn’t charge merchants to accept payments in bitcoin, and only charges 1 percent when the merchant cashes out to dollars. On the other hand, credit card payment processors charge between 2.5 to 5 percent per transaction.

Though Bitcoin has been rocked by a series of scandals this year, as payment processors like Coinbase gain momentum so will the number of companies accepting bitcoin as payment.


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