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US Army working to develop ‘Iron Man’ suits

The US Army is calling on private research and development organizations to help it develop suits of armor that give soldiers ‘superhuman strength’ and display an in-helmet HUD showing technical and health information, much like the armor seen used by Tony Stark in Marvel’s Iron Man series.

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The suit, named the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS), would be used by soldiers to give them an advantage in battle with ‘superhuman strength,’ agility and mobility. The US Army has also said that the suit would need to contain wide-area networking systems, an HUD or ‘wearable computer’ similar to Google Glass, and be made of a smart material fitted with sensors and trackers that would measure body temperature, heart rate and hydration levels.

Roger Teel of the US Army Research, Development and Engineering Command Public Affairs wrote on the official website of the US Army:

“The Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit, or TALOS, is an advanced infantry uniform that promises to provide superhuman strength with greater ballistic protection. Using wide-area networking and on-board computers, operators will have more situational awareness of the action around them and of their own bodies.

“[The] requirement is a comprehensive family of systems in a combat armor suit where we bring together an exoskeleton with innovative armor, displays for power monitoring, health monitoring, and integrating a weapon into that — a whole bunch of stuff that RDECOM is playing heavily in.”

The US Army and DARPA have already tested other exoskeleton suits that give the user increased strength through hydraulic systems. A request was made on Federal Business Opportunities for private businesses and organizations that could aid the project. Sgt. Maj. Chris Faris told a panel ‘there is no one industry that can build it.’

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Image Sources: Collider.com, Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios

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