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Upcoming SD cards from Toshiba to integrate SeeQVault DRM standard

Toshiba announced the release of their new line of microSDHC cards, which are developed with the new licensed media “optimized” SeeQVault DRM standard in mind.


Earlier this year, Toshiba had announced that they would develop new storage devices and media for mobile devices that would follow the SeeQVault mobile DRM standard. This standard, explained briefly has a set of licensing regulations that essentially treats flexibly rewritable storage media (such as SD cards) as something akin to copy-protected DVD’s, and other sources that are “pre-loaded” with media content. A few days ago, they finally unveiled the actual product, and they are planning to commercially release it sometime around mid-October 2013.

The new microSDHC cards can still be used as regular SD cards. However, licensed media that would be downloaded directly to the units would adhere to the said standards. This means that licensed media files could only be transferred, used or accessed through other mediums (online or offline) that are also approved by the same standards.

Data capacity availability for the new SD cards would be set to 16 and 32GB. Their Speed Class is rated as UHS speed class 1, and they would have an optimal write speed of 20MB/s (bytes) and read speed of 40MB/s. No official price has been announced yet, but it is estimated that they would be commercially available at a price that is equivalent to 45 USD for the 16 GB and 81 USD for the 32GB model.

Source: MyNavi (JP)

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