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Up Close with Quad SLI!

During NVIDIA’s 6th Annual Editors’ Day, the media was given
the chance to try out the Quad SLI systems that will soon be offered first by
the System Builders such as Dell and Alienware. We took the chance to examine Quad SLI closely and ran some benchmarks on the Extreme HD Gaming Monsters…

As part of our coverage of NVIDIA’s 6th Annual Editors’ Day which you can check out here, we took the chance to do an in-depth look at Quad SLI, the “prophet” who has been whispering “Extreme HD Gaming” into our ears in the recent months…

As seen above, each of the GPUs of the Quad SLI are in direct
communication with the rest of the GPUs. With the special chipset onboard, each
half of the Quad SLI setup runs at a x48 PCI-E interface.

The SLI modes supported by Quad SLI, instead of 2-way split
frame rendering and 2-way alternate frame rendering, Quad uses 4-way naturally.

As you can guess, 4-way AFR uses each GPU to render each of
4 alternate frames.

And very siimply, 4-SFR splits the screen into 4 segments according
to load balancing , with each GPU rendering each segment.

The new SLI rendering mode with the advent of Quad SLI is AFR
of SFR, which combines AFR with SFR. 2 alternate frame buffers are each rendered
by 2 GPUs and within the individual frame buffer is split through SFR between
the 2 GPUs.

As seen above, SLI AA will be performed through 4-way SLI on
Quad. For 16x AA, each GPU will perform 4x AA from base. And on top of the 16x
SLI AA acheivable with present SLI setups, Quad SLI offers 32x SLI AA, with
each GPU performing 8xAA from base. More on 32xAA later…

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