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Universal Tool For Rooting Android Phones Released On the Internet

The OS may be open-source, but rooting an Android smartphone is not exactly the easiest thing to do. And while one-click rooting applications have been developed by the hacking community, they still suffer from the major drawback of only being to work with a specific phone. Enter Androot, a new app which claims to be capable of rooting most Android smartphones, without the need of a PC or any hacking. Sounds good, no?

Rooting one’s Android smartphone often opens the door to a much wider world than what the OEM-provided build can do in terms of flexibility and expandability. However, it also opens up its own cam of worms: a borked root attempt can often end up destroying the phone’s ROM outright (especially when one is installing custom ROMs) or cause some sort of system instability, none of which are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

But if the urge to root your smartphone is greater than the fear of voiding your warranty, there is now a much easier way to do so. According to LifeHacker, a Chinese developer has released the latest beta of Universal Androot, an application which is capable of rooting a wide variety of Android smartphones, without the need of hacking some code or syncing the phone to a PC.

Apparently, all that is needed is to simply install the Universal Androot package into the smartphone, and the application will do the rest, as shown in the screenshot below.

For those who are interested, the full list of smartphones supported by the latest beta of Unoversal Androot, as well as the QR code for downloading the app, can be obtained at http://blog.23corner.com/2010/08/30/universal-androot-1-6-2-beta-5/#more-407

Source: LifeHacker

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