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Unity Game Engine 4 oozes with mobile goodness, pre-order ready

Unity is back again with its latest beta release of Unity 4. With cool and critical new features, the game engine is showing promising foreshadows of the soon-to-be-released engine.

New editions! We all like to see how our favorite products progress, and Unity 4 is no exception. For the true gamer and gamemaker at heart, Unity is taking the next step to allow end developers to create beautiful AAA titles. With new features "such as the all-new Mecanim animation system, DirectX 11 support, [and] hypermodern mobile graphics," Unity is nothing to play around with… Actually, it is. Rather, it's to be taken seriously because it will undoubtedly mark its notch in the game industry. 

(Talks about the upcoming release of Unity 4, available now for pre-order)

Windows and Mac OS games have been readily creatable with previous versions of Unity. Who doesn't love cross-platform distribution after all? The horizons have expanded with the advent of the Linux publishing option, another new feature in U4. With more fluid graphics, solid performance, and all around tight-knit work, this game engine is promising.

But it doesn't end with desktops! Unity is very kind to its mobile developers. In fact, they included crucial updates in the latest beta for the mobile makers. One of those updates being shadowing, but not just any shadows – dynamic shadows. Now, that may seem dismissable to the novice user, but the pros will make a stiff about it. Take a look at the latest releases of other engines and you will surely find lighting and shadowing as a key feature. This engine is making itself very well-rounded in this version Unity, which is now available for pre-order.




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