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Unitcom releases special ‘Kumamon’ notebook


Unitcom Inc have collaborated with the district of Kumamoto to get more people interested in the area in a new bizarre PR move.

With preorders beginning on the 19th of November, the notebook is scheduled for release on December 21 and is officially called the “Kumamon no No-to Pasokon” (Kumamon’s Notebook Computer). “Kumamon”, despite what you might think, is not a new Pokemon, but in fact is the district mascot of Kumamoto. “Kuma” is the Japanese word for bear, and this fellow just happens to be a very oddly drawn bear himself.

The notebook itself features a green-white cross hatch pattern resembling a picnic blanket, with a daunting Kumamon figure in a terrorizing yet super-cute bear pose sprawled across the front. I guess somehow, this is supposed to make you want to go to Kumamoto and look at bears IRL? Oh, and there’s also a pure black edition with Kumamon’s elliptical face in extreme-close-up.

Stare into those lifeless eyes and know the true face of Kuma.


But you computer geeks don’t care about design do you? You care about specs. I know I do.

The CPU is an Atom N470 (1.83GHz, with embedded graphics), and it has 2GB memory. So I guess this isn’t exactly high end. Anyhow, it comes with a hefty 500GB HDD (presumably to store all your bear photos on?), and a 1024×600 (WSVGA) 10.1-inch wide screen LED display. (Wait a minute, I hear you cry.. this is a netbook!)

Aha, tricked you! As crazy as it sounds, the computer actually comes in 2 models, netbook or notebook! Combine that with the choice of different designs and that’s more Kumas than you can fit in your pic-a-nic basket, Boo-boo!



The standard notebook model is a little more palatable to the ultra geeky of us, with a Core i5-3210M (2.5GHz, also with embedded graphics), 8GB memory (now we’re talking!) and 1TB HDD (that’s twice the amount of bear photos, in case you weren’t paying attention).

The netbook model is going for 62,800 Yen (774USD), but if you’re splashing out on a new bear-themed computer you might as well put in the extra 10,000 Yen (123USD) and get the notebook model (72,800 Yen or 897USD).

Both models, strangely enough, have the same battery running time of 2 hours 30, which personally is pretty unbearable. But to each his own. The dimensions and weight are 266x185x18.5mm,1.2kg for the netbook and 374x250x16.3mm, 2.8kg for the notebook.

So pick it up if you like, just don’t let any hungry bears steal it from your picnic table!

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