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Unannounced Sony Xperia Z3 stars in multiple revealing photo shoots

Photographed in the wild not long ago in a silky smooth white variant, Sony’s alleged next-gen flagship smartphone was pictured again in black, looking just as nigh as multiple sources indicated of late.

Sony Xperia Z3

What’s that, you don’t see the point of an Xperia Z2 follow-up with the Japanese OEM’s latest spearhead more than capable of going toe to toe with Samsung’s Galaxy S5 or HTC’s One M8? Well, you’re about to get outright perplexed by the rumored Z3, as the unannounced “bad boy” seemingly packs an aging quad-core Snapdragon 801 chip and settles for a Full HD display.

That’s no match for the Quad HD LG G3… on paper, though we should know better than rely upon numbers and gimmicks. Okay, we’ll cut you some slack in the screen res department, Sony, but what about processing power?

Surely there must be something punchier on the horizon than S801. An S805, maybe an Nvidia Tegra K1. Adding insult to injury, the main photographic unit on the Xperia Z3 is said to be identical to Z2’s rear-facing snapper.

Xperia Z3

Granted, 20.7 megapixels is a lot, and the G Lens makes the camera a beast today, tomorrow and beyond. But where’s the evolution? In the design field? Puh-lease. The purported Z3 might be a smidge more elegant than its predecessor, with smoothly rounded corners, slimmer bezels and whatnot, yet on the whole, the two are twins. Not identical twins, but still.

Alas, Sony probably didn’t tweak the big guy’s overall footprint either, since one set of “leaked” photos shows it sized up to the 5.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Note. I wouldn’t venture into pegging the exact diagonal of the Xperia Z3, but it probably hovers around 5, 5.2, 5.5 inches tops.


Anything else one can make of the unusually clear Z3 pics? Well, the handheld’s a featherweight, or so I presume looking at that wasp waist, and chances are the build quality is just as decent as on the Z2. Not outstandingly solid like the HTC M8, yet clearly superior to the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Remember, they say the Z3 shall break cover in September, possibly alongside a Z3 Compact that’s awfully similar to the Z1 Compact. Sounds like a complete waste of time, but who knows, perhaps Sony has a few aces up its sleeve we’re yet to see uncovered.

Sources: Chinese VR-Zone, Phone Arena, Xperia Blog, Weibo

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