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Umi Z Sports Midrange Specs at a Budget Smartphone’s Price

Chinese smartphone manufacturer UMi has built a new midrange smartphone, the UMi Z, priced at an affordable S$249,99. With robust specifications under its hood, the UMi severely undercuts its rivals in the marketplace.

The UMi Z sports a 5.5 inch display, with a Full HD display. This display also comes with 2.5D arc glass design, which is what you will find on devices such as the Samsung S7 Edge.

In terms of speed. it should be really quick thanks to its incredible Helio X27 2.6GHz Deca Core processor. It comes with 4GB worth of RAM and a robust internal memory of 32GB.

Its camera is also impressive for its price, sporting 2x 13.0MP Dual Cameras which should guarantee fantastic resolution and capture speeds.

The dual-SIM device with its Android 6.0 system looks promising from our perspective and we can’t wait to get our hands on a unit to check it out.

Purchase the UMi Z here.

Zayne Seah
A tech geek going beyond specs.

One thought on “Umi Z Sports Midrange Specs at a Budget Smartphone’s Price

  1. Brian

    I have the UMI Z and it is a alright phone in my eyes, but bare in mind i am a very casual phone user so really the Z are way overkill, but for the prize i just had to try it.

    On the UMI forum there are some complaints about this and that, but factoring in how many they sold it don’t seem to be that bad.

    What i really really like about the UMI is it is almost a clean Android OS, so not a lot of C…. stuff i have to delete or live with.
    This is really good all phone makers should make it a choice if people wish to have their stupid UI on top or what ever pre-installed on the phone.

    Bare in mind i come from a 4 year old HTC 8S, so anything new is a massive upgrade on my part.

    O and there is a Android 7 in the pipeline within a month or so, atm a little delayed waiting for stuff Mediatek need to fix.

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