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Ultra-smart Locks, Blockchain Phones, Kiddy Smart Watches: S’pore Hits IFA 2019

Singapore firms preparing for the upcoming IFA 2019 trade show today showcased the latest and greatest in the local tech scene at an event organised by the Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (SGC).

IFA 2019 will be held Berlin between 31 August and 5th September. Organised by Messe Berlin, the trade show is a landmark event for technology in Europe, bringing together brands from the world over. This year, nine Singaporean companies will represent our sunny island – comprising everything from smart home gadgets to data storage.

1. Pundi X Labs Pte Ltd

Pundi X Labs is a home-grown firm with high ambitions. Recently completing its funding rounds, Pundi X intends to release the world’s first Blockchain smartphone – 5,000 of them – by the end of the year.

Where many “fintech” firms still dabble in concepts and theories, Pundi X puts it to practice with a proof-of-concept smartphone. Built on an Android 9.0 base, each of the 5,000 phones will be a node in a Blockchain network, promising unparalleled security in a decentralised platform.

Of course, payments will also be possible with stable-backed currencies pegged to more common commodities and benchmarks like gold or USD.

2. Whyre Pte Ltd

We saw Whyre’s incredibly innovative motorbike helmet camera system at CES Asia earlier this year in Shanghai – where it had also represented Singapore.

Whyre’s helmet camera is compatible with riders’ existing helmets unlike many other existing options, and provides an intuitive head-up display (HUD) that includes a rear-view camera for improved situational awareness.

3. Trek Technology Pte Ltd

Trek 2000 unveiled the world’s first thumb drive in Germany during the 2000 CeBIT trade show. With over 600 patents, the company truly is a pioneer in the technology scene in Singapore.

Trek presents their innovative concept. Image: Ian Ling

This year, Trek intends to unveil a swiss army knife of sorts for the technologically inclined. Combining a power bank, wireless charger, SSD storage with USB and wireless access, Trek intends to bring greater utility to a greater audience with this year’s IFA.

4. uHoo Pte Ltd

Step aside, haze: uHoo will showcase a smart air quality monitor at IFA 2019. Paired with a mobile app, users can take advantage of this sensor in smart home applications with IFTTT.

For example, users can set the air conditioning, humidifier or purifier to turn on at certain air quality benchmarks.

5. Aztech Technologies Pte Ltd

Continuing in the trend of smart homes, Aztech showcased a whole ecosystem of smart home gadgetry. In fact, they’ve nipped the neverending headache that is upgrading home electronics right in the bud.

Aztech’s smart light switch can handle up to three individual switches. Image: Ian Ling

Instead of buying a multitude of smart gadgets that can be controlled by home assistants, Aztech’s smart switch revolutionises the smart home by allowing users to simply swap out banks of switches without complicated rewiring jobs.

6. Igloohome Pte Ltd

Massively popular amongst homeowners looking to let their properties for short periods of time, Igloohome makes smart locks that work without an active internet connection. This means that unlocking and security can be performed consistently and reliably, and can appeal to an extremely wide variety of use cases.

Igloohome demonstrates its padlock locker. Image: Ian Ling

With the included app, homeowners can choose to allow guests in for specified periods of time. They can also monitor locking activity, which means the company’s products has also been used by companies to monitor worker punctuality.

Igloohome locks also support Bluetooth and NFC unlocking, and also come in a variety of form factors including padlocks and padlock lockers, meaning that everything from Airbnb properties and shipyards find use cases for its products.

7. Charaku Pte Ltd

Charaku Pte Ltd is responsible for Popsical, a tiny hub that turns your home AV system into a full-fledged karaoke system.

Popsical’s hardware, shown alongside the mobile application. Image: Ian Ling

It does this with a streaming subscription service, which ensures a massive library of songs that is constantly updated – something impossible on solid-state systems. This also means that the system is contained in a tiny biconcave disc – syncing the wireless microphones with the HDMI-capable TV and 3.5mm AUX-compatible speakers.

With a mobile app, guests can easily access hosts’ libraries of music and queue songs for later singing.

8. Actxa Pte Ltd

We’ve all seen the snaking queues for the free fitness trackers distributed by the Singapore Health Promotion Board (HPB), which at one time was produced by Actxa – a Singaporean company.

Wearables have become a saturated marketplace, but Actxa believes it has found its spot. Its latest tracker is a simple, effective VO2 Max monitor, that enables users to more accurately assess personal fitness with a “fitness age” generated with Finnish-made technology.

9. Oaxis Asia Pte Ltd

Probably what made us the most excited was Oaxis’ My First line of products. The premise is simple – everything that the parents have, the child should have one too.

G-Jay Yong, Founder & CEO of Oaxis Asia showcases the company’s products. Image: Ian Ling

Apple Watch? Check. Bone conducting earphones? Check. 3D printer? Check. What are we missing?

The litany of products borders on the absurd – but it really is quite genius. Drones? They’ve designed a safe way to make a flying toy easily and intuitively controlled by sensing hand proximity.

Oaxis Asia’s line of My First line of products. Left to right, top to bottom: bone-conducting earphones, drone, camera, instant camera, waterproof camera, headphones, smartwatch. Image: Ian Ling

They’ve also designed a Polaroid-style instant camera using the thermal paper you would otherwise find in receipt printers. This, they say, lets you save tons of money while allowing your child absolute creative license. There’s even image filters and frames, and images can be extracted with the micro SD slot for posterity.

We’re looking forward to the developments in the upcoming 2019 IFA. VR Zone will have the latest news as we follow the course of the trade show.

Ian Ling
Ian is the resident Tech Monkey and Head of Content at VR Zone. His training in Economics and Political Science is at the basis of his love for journalism and storytelling. A photographer by passion, and an audiophile by obsession, Ian is captivated by all forms of tech that makes enthusiasts tick.

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