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“Ultra-secure” Crypto Smartphone Finney (S$1,899) Launches In Singapore

Touted to be the world’s first “ultra-secure” crypto-centric smartphone, Sirin Labs has announced the the local launch of Finney in Singapore available exclusively through electronics retailer Courts.

Sirin Labs co-CEO Zvika Landau demonstrates the Safe Screen on the Finney. Image: Ian Ling

Founded in Israel, Sirin Labs is a crypto firm with great ambitions – best exemplified by the ultra-secure US$16,000 Solarin smartphone launched back in 2017. With the Finney, Sirin Labs moves over into the Blockchain arena and aims to solve two main pain points they foresee with mass crypto adoption: user experience and security.

Landau and Sirin Labs COO Eran Barzilay demonstrate the Finney’s ability to detect threats effectively. Image: Ian Ling

The company’s solution to the latter is its claim to fame on the Finney. An on-board “cold-storage” crypto wallet keeps your cryptocurrencies physically insulated from the CPU, and linked to the internal circuitry for power via electromechanical switch only when activated. The company believes the level of security provided is “military grade”.

The Cyber Security Centre analyses for threats constantly, notifying users in the case of an attack. Image: Ian Ling

The Finney sports a separate, flip-up Safe Screen. The touch-sensitive Safe Screen is the gateway to the Finney’s crypto functions, which are only activated when the display is physically pushed upwards.

The wallet allows for convenient transactions to be made, along with an exchanging service without the hassle of third-party exchange services. Image: Sirin Labs

With its dedicated hardware and software, the Safe Screen and crypto wallet isolates sensitive data from prying eyes, and also ensures that transaction data and displays are correct and not tampered with. The wallet and Safe Screen are only connected to the power and to the internet when the Safe Screen is activated physically.

In a demonstration, Sirin Labs showed how malicious actors could tamper with web data displayed on smartphones through exploiting a bogus free public Wi-Fi network. Information like images can be altered, and entire websites can be spoofed to seem similar to the legitimate one.

Koolspan’s TrustCall application will ensure that communication between user will be secured to a military level. Image: Ian Ling

Also featured was Koolspan’s TrustCall mobile application, which can also be installed on iOS and Android devices. While those use cases will not allow for the same degree of security offered by the Finney, TrustCall provides a much more secure platform for both text messages and calls by utilising FIPS 140-2 validated, end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption.

Enabling this level of customisation while retaining a high degree of security requires a custom operating system, Sirin OS. Certified by Google, the OS allows Sirin Labs to implement the cold storage crypto wallet, along with a cybersecurity suite, Token Conversion Service (TCS) and dCenter app store.

The SafeScreen needs to be physically activated before transactions can be made. Image: Ian Ling

The TCS is a concierge service that enables users to quickly, seamlessly and easily perform transactions and change currencies both fiat and crypto at competitive rates – all without the need to access separate exchanges.

At the centre of it all is Sirin OS dCenter, which comprises a repository for decentralised apps (DApps), along with a learning centre that offers crypto incentives when users play blockchain games like CryptoKitties.

A range of fiat and crypto currencies can be exchanged through the wallet, but will incur a fee. Image: Ian Ling

In addition, the dCenter also offers a peer-to-peer role transfer service not unlike Apple’s AirDrop, along with app and in-app purchases.

To round it all off, the Finney turns a full circle to its ultra-secure roots in the Solarin. A behavioural-based Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) builds on machine learning to It also has a dedicated physical security switch for wallet protection. Moreover, it also offers three-factor authentication: Biometric, Lock Pattern, Behavioural.

Being a futuristic, technologically advanced device, the Finney has been designed to look the part. With rigid, premium, polished aluminium rails on its long edges, the Finney sports 3D Gorilla Glass on front and rear surfaces.

The rear of the Finney looks and feels futuristic. Image: Sirin Labs

Powered by the Snapdragon 845 chipset a superb performer in its own right, the Finney has missed out on Snapdragon’s latest offering this year seen on flagships like the US-version Samsung Galaxy S10 series devices and the Oppo Reno.

Within is 6GB of RAM, along with 128GB of internal storage with the option to expand it via micro SD card. The Finney runs Android 8.1, and has a 3280mAh battery.

The multi-touch SafeScreen allows for secure input and display of confirmation data that is very difficult to compromise. Image: Ian Ling

A 6-inch 18:9 display adorns the front, with a 1080x2160p resolution that offers 95% NTSC colours and 1500:1 contrast ratio.

There’s a notch, that contains a single 8-megapixel f2.2 wide-angle selfie camera. The rear sports a 12-megapixel f1.8 dual phase detection autofocus shooter, along with a fingerprint scanner.

The Finney is available at SGD 1,899 exclusively at Courts Funan and at the courts website. Preorders begin from today with $60 in Courts vouchers with each purchase until 30 September 2019.

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