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Ultra-high resolution Acer notebooks rumored for arrival this summer

Several reports have indicated that Acer will begin distributing laptops and an Ultrabook that will sport a resolution of 2880×1620.  The growing trend in displays is that people want more pixels; this is apparent with the advent of the “4K” displays among other emerging technologies such as Sharp’s IGZO.

Apple created a lot of hubbub when it unveiled its ultra-high resolution Macbook Pro with Retina (2880×1800 on the 15-inch, and 2560×1600 on the 13-inch), and it seems like competing notebook manufacturers are quickly following the suit by outfitting their own gadgets with high-res displays also.

(Apple is mighty proud of itself when it comes to its Macbooks featuring Retina)

While Apple has remain adamant about singling itself from the pack with the 16:10 aspect ratio, Acer will stick to the standard 16:9, which consequently, will cause it lose out on a few pixels.  Regardless of how many pixels it has, an ultra-high resolution display needs some fine tuning when it comes to scaling on the software side, and without the proper DPI scaling, the desktop viewing experience will suffer.

We currently don’t know when Acer will deploy these high-res notebooks, but a few sources are pointing to late spring or summer.

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