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UK to get ZTE’s Skate smartphone in September

Yep, you are reading this right. Apparently, after having experienced the taste of success in the UK with the sale of its ZTE Blade smartphone that is being sold under the Orange San Francisco name, ZTE is now planning to compete against the major Android smartphone manufacturers by selling its new Skate smartphone under its very own brand this time. And from the looks of it, the Chinese company might just have what it needs to hold its own in an extremely competitive market.

 Remember the news we posted some time back about Meizu reportedly securing the rights it needs to sell its M9 smartphone in Europe? Well, it turns out that Meizu is not going to be the only Chinese smartphone OEM to have made inroads into the European smartphone market, for a recent report made by Shanzai.com has revealed that ZTE is also going to start selling a new smartphone under its own branding in Europe this September, and that it comes in the form of the ZTE Skate.

According to the report published by Shanzai.com, the Skate will not be the Chinese company's first smartphone to make its way into Europe for sale this year. Apparently,  prior to the introduction of the Skate, ZTE was already selling its Blade smartphone in the UK, where it was known as the Orange San Francisco. That being said, little has been revealed about ZTE's new Skate smartphone, although Shanzai.com claims that the device will be ZTE's first product to be designed for the "mid-tier bracket", and that it will feature a 4.3-inch touchscreen, while its processing power will be supplied by a yet-unnamed 800MHz CPU. In addition, the ZTE Skate will reportedly come bundled with version 2.3 of the Android operating system and sport a 5 Megapixel camera.

Last but definitely not least, the report also claims that the ZTE Skate is expected to be available for sale on retail shelves in the UK come 19 September this year, and that the smartphone will reportedly cost a mere 249 euros, or approximately US$351.

Source: Shanzai.com

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