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UK Retailers already gaining pre-orders for Xbox One

MCVUK is reporting that, in the past week, the Xbox One has already been getting large pre-orders from British consumers in major retail chains. One retail source claims their pre-orders for Microsoft’s next console are tracking ahead of Sony’s in many UK retailers.

Reportedly, one retailer told MCV that the day after the reveal, the total number of pre-orders far outweighed the original pre-order numbers after Sony’s initial announcement back in February. However, pre-orders for the PS4 also greatly increased with the recent addition to this console generation, showing both sides still have a lot of ground to cover before they announce major international release dates. Especially with E3 coming up in a fortnight, pre-orders will probably increase up until release day.

Be immersed. Be ready to pre-order.

Some purchasers and console fans may still be wary with the upcoming console generation, regardless of the promotions, and will be looking at the importance of each console either as a gaming machine or a media hub. While the Xbox One is definitely tailored more towards the US market, their international audience may be left in the dust unless there is major support from Microsoft or currently geo-blocked content becomes available to them.


Sony already has a lead with gamers, as they’ve opened their platform to indie games and game programmers are already loving the system. The console may still have it’s flaws as some are unsure on where Sony stands on DRM for their upcoming system and whether or not backwards compatibility will ultimately be available for PS3 players who may not want to trade in their old console to get the new one.


While  there is little consensus amongst the public and hardcore gamers, one thing is for sure: the next couple of months will be incredibly interesting.


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