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A UFO? An Alien? Nope, just an iPhone case.

Hamee introduces yet another weird and wacky deep sea creature-based iPhone case.


Remember the old giant isopod iPhone case? Hamee did quite a good job in making it less scary, even making it a bit cuter, than it actually is. This time, they’re introducing another one, an iPhone 5/5S case that is based on the flapjack octopus (remember Pearl from Finding Nemo?). Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about the creepy factor in this one, though it is actually still pretty weird.


It appears that this iPhone case is even a lot softer to touch, at least compared to the giant isopod one. The advertisements even say that the bulged head part fits perfectly to the hand while holding the case.

"It's not a UFO."
“It’s not a UFO.”

Again, the iPhone case completely “wraps” around the iPhone unit, this time making it look like some sort of a miniature UFO or organic alien craft. Unfortunately, its theme of “enjoying the feeling of holding a flapjack octopus” doesn’t even make it look less that way.

The Flapjack Octopus iPhone 5/5S case is available in Japan with a price that is again equivalent to about $28.50.

Source: IT Media (JP)

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