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UE WONDERBOOM Is A 360 Degree Attention Grabber

Image Courtesy: Wired

The new UE WONDERBOOM is waterproof, drop-proof and even comes with a small rubber loop so that you can hang it in the shower. A Bluetooth speaker about half the size of the UE MEGABOOM, it’s clearly made for people like me who are rough with their stuff. Staying true to UE’s iconic design, it retains UE’s huge volume controls and rubberised buttons, and comes splashed in 6 delicious colours.

WONDERBOOM’s said to sound explosive while keeping tiny, and outputs audio 360 degrees. It’s got a stated 10 hours of juice which should last you a few trips to the pool. Grab two and they can cover a wider area when you pair them up.

It’s a fresh addition to UE’s illustrious line of portables, popular for being rugged and fun with its whimsical app. But in WONDERBOOM’s case, it does not have an App, not does it have popular features like Remote On/Off, Alarm Clock. Not even Party Up mode which daisy chains up to 50 UE Speakers together. It’s also ditched the 3.5mm altogether, preferring to rely on Bluetooth only.

The US$99 WONDERBOOM is clearly meant to be a grab-and go gig that looks as stylish as it sounds. But if we slice through all that marketing, it doesn’t appear to be as compelling as the (S$149/US$100) ROLL 2 which is (weirdly) priced the same. I’m still pretty excited to get my hands on one, so that I can review it for you!

Release date and price in Singapore TBA.

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