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Ubuntu teases a touch future is coming

In a move that is sure to irritate some of the more hardcore Linux users Ubuntu has a teaser up on the site that would suggest that the next release is going to be a lot more touch-centric and geared to a mobile world.

In a world where our technology is increasingly becoming mobile and touch-centric it should come as no surprise that Ubuntu, the leading "consumer-friendly" Linux distro with over 20 million users, is going to release a touch-based version of its Linux variation. The countdown on the main page of the Ubuntu site currently shows a timer countdown that is set to reach the end at 8AM on Wednesday, January 2nd, at which point it is expected that Mark Shuttleworth will make the move official.

This move to touch and mobile is something that Shuttleworth has previously hinted at as he plans to extend the reach of Ubuntu beyond just that of the desktop and laptop and bring one of the most popular Linux distro to smartphones and tablets. It is not expected that this release will be a full move to touch as that is not expected until mid-2014 when Ubuntu releases 14.04 LTS.

It is suggested that this "interim" release with some touch capabilities will be used as a guidepost as to what Shuttleworth has up his sleeve when it comes to Ubuntu and the future which he has made clear previously will be a cross-device OS. This is similar to the big bet that Microsoft has taken with Windows 8 but it remains to be seen if the reaction of Linux fans will be as mixed as the wider tech reaction to Windows 8 has been.

via Electronista

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