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Ubuntu for Android video teases smartphone users even more

The folks over at Ubuntu want you ‘to live a simpler life.’  How?  By turning your Android smartphone into a full-fledged PC, and thereby eliminating the need to 'live a double life.'

The Ubuntu for Android ad has been plastered all over the Ubuntu official website for a long time, but up until now there still hasn’t been a public release of the desktop OS for our Android smartphones.  The concept is pretty simple; you install Ubuntu to run alongside your Android OS, and when you hook your phone to a docking station the phone will switch into Ubuntu desktop mode.  Sounds freakishly cool right?  But again, the Ubuntu-Android mash up is still not available for public consumption as of yet.

As if the dedicated ‘Ubuntu for Android’ section  of the website was not enough to tease us, Ubuntu recently posted a video explaining all the great things you can do with your Android smartphone if you installed Ubuntu on it.  Here… the video is self-explanatory:

Stop teasing us Ubuntu!

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