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E3  2016 is just round the corner, starting 14 June. This year alongside the usual AAA releases and the wide variety of smaller projects, Virtual Reality (VR) is sure to be a big talking point this year. French Multinational developer Ubisoft is taking part in the VR push this year, with two titles designed specifically for the experience. One is Eagle Flight, where you take control of eagles flying through a future version of Paris, and Werewolves Within, a group sleuthing game.

Eagle Flight is VR dog-fighting simulator, where you take control of an eagle flying through Paris 50 years into a future where all humans have disappeared. This title is Ubisoft’s attempt to push multiplayer VR gaming further, with six players being able to play in 3v3 matches. Another big selling point is being able to explore Paris from above, treasure hunting and sight-seeing. Think the aerial parts of Assassin’s Creed II through to Revelations, but with more finessed controls and with the combat a la Ace Combat.

Werewolves Within is also multiplayer focused. It is based on the existing party game Werewolf or Mafia depending on how you played it. You need to find out who the werewolf is by deductive reasoning while every night someone new is killed. Ubisoft’s take on the topic is not necessarily changing the core concept, but adding an immersive feel to the experience. It also means that you can now play the party game without having to actually leave your house to visit friends, which is attractive for some.

Whilst neither of these two games are fully AAA titles, having two games with a focus on the use of VR hardware would suggest that Ubisoft is taking VR seriously. Both games are currently slated for release in the third quarter of 2016 for both PC and PS4, although pricing has not yet been discussed. The more games that are developed for VR, the better the chance of hardware adoption rising. For more information on either game, visit the Ubisoft blog here.

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