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U.S. schools to get over 27,000 Google Chromebooks

Google would be grinning like cheshire cats right now after striking a big deal with three school districts including Iowa, Illinois and South Carolina. The deal results in Google shifting over 27,000 of its Chromebooks to schools in these areas.

The details were announced by Rajen Sheth, Google's leader of Chromebook work for business and education during a speech earlier today to the Florida Educational Technology Conference. "We now have hundreds of schools across 41 states that have outfitted at least one classroom with Chromebooks" said Rajen.

This should certainly prove to be a rewarding result for Google down the road as well, what with today's fast-learning and adaptable students being tomorrow's tech buyers.

Bryan Weinert, tech coordinator for the Leyden Community High School District in Illinois said "This is the right device for student learning. We plan to deploy 3,500 to students next year. Every single student will be issued a Chromebook they can use at school and at home".

Source: c|net

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