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Typo iPhone keyboard case wants to give you the best of both worlds

If you have ever been double minded about having a large touchscreen display or a physical keyboard, fear not, Typo iPhone keyboard case is the answer to your prayers.


There was once a time when physical QWERTY keyboard touting devices used to be all the rage. BlackBerry knows it all to well, nearly half a decade ago the company was dominating this segment of the global smartphone market. Then evolution happened. The market moved towards devices with large touchscreen displays and fewer keys, essentially wiping out physical QWERTY devices. Though there are still a lot of users out there who prefer the feel of a physical keyboard, so the Type Keyboard case for iPhone brings back that feeling on your smartphone. The keyboard itself is very reminiscent of BlackBerry, no surprises there.

There’s actually a bit of star power, and money, behind the Typo Keyboard case for iPhone. TV host Ryan Seacrest and a venture co-founder have invested $1 million into this project, they aim to invest up to $5 million over time. Seacrest says that he was drawn to this project after seeing many friends carry two devices, an iPhone as a primary device and another for “typing and correspondence.” The case offers a full QWERTY keyboard, backlighting, currency shortcuts, battery indicator and its own style of autocorrection all without compromising on the iPhone’s screen real estate. Though it does make the iPhone look quite long, so the increase in length might not float some users’ boats.

Typo iPhone keyboard case ships in January 2014, however it can be pre-ordered today. The case costs $99 and is now available for pre-order through its website.

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