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Txtr Beagle, E-ink reader for less than $15

Do you use your tablets mainly for e-reading?  Then how about a reader that costs just around $15?  A German company by the name of Txtr has created an E-ink reader that probably won’t blow you out of the water in terms of specs, but for the price and specific functionality, the price can’t be beat.

Putting things into perspective, Amazon’s E-ink reader (one of the more affordable readers) costs $69, so the Txtr E-reader will cost consumers about a fifth of what the Kindle will.

Setting the Kindle as a reference, let’s see if the Txtr is worth a drop in the bucket.  The 5-inch display on the Txtr’s E-reader is relatively small, but not that small compared to the Kindle’s 6-inch panel.  Is there touchscreen functionality? Why, there are none, but if you’re used to reading paper prints then not being able to swipe back and forth the screen shouldn’t be an issue. 

As for storage, the Txtr’s E-reader offers 4GB of storage, which holds only 5 Txtr e-books.  Amazon, meanwhile, advertises its Kindle as being able to store “over 1,000 books.”  The Txtr E-reader draws its power from two AAA batteries, which the manufacturer claims is sufficient for a whole year of reading.

The book loading process on the Txtr E-reader is a bit on the complicated side.  Readers have to buy the Txtr e-books through an app (Android or iOS—not yet available) then load it to the reader via a Bluetooth connection. 

Engadget reports that Txtr may be in process of working out some sort of deal with AT&T and Sprint to make Txtr’s E-reader a part of the accessories package that comes with the carrier’s smartphones.

All in all, for 15 bucks, what can you really expect?  Oh, I forgot to mention, the Txtr E-reader is aptly named the Beagle—a simple companion that's easy to deal with.

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