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Two-way multi-function USB drive makes device storage access easier

The 600-GUSD Series is a new product line by Sanwa Direct that features a two-way access option for both PC's and Android mobile devices by having both a full USB and a microUSB plug in its hardware.

Connecting USB flash drives to Android devices is easy. All you need is a proper adapter and presto, your unit now has another outlet for extra data storage. But don't you find those adapters kind of hard to use? Well, Sanwa Direct provides another alternative to Android/PC USB access, with the 600-GUSD series. It is a new set of USB flash drives that can be accessed in two ways without the need of additional external hardware.

The 600-GUSD flash drive can be accessed via a full USB plug at one end, and via a microUSB plug at the other. So, after using it on a PC, you can simply flip it on the other side if you want to connect it to your Android mobile device later. You can intuitively use it as some sort of universal external, portable storage device to almost any device or computer that you have at home. There's virtually no need to resort to USB adapters, which can be difficult to use, and may render the device unwieldy if it needs to be connected for a certain period of time.

Additionally, there is a small slot beside the full USB plug that can be used to plug in microSD cards. This way it can also act as an SD card adapter for file transfers or if you need more than two microSD cards in your Android device at that moment.

While it can be plugged on any Android device with a microUSB slot, it of course does not have universal compatibility. Only versions of Android that have inherent universal USB storage compatibility (Honeycomb and up) are the ones capable of recognizing 600-GUSD flash drives.

The two-way access concept of the 600-GUSD probably isn't the most novel idea out there for a USB flash drive, but it does earn a considerable amount of bonus points in access convenience. Currently, there are two versions that are available commercially. The 4GB version (600-GUSD4G) of the product is priced at 1,980 yen (24 USD), while the 8 GB version (600-GUSD8G) is priced at 2,480 yen (30 USD).

Source: MyNavi (JP)

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