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source: gamerant.com
source: gamerant.com

At E3 2016, Electronic Arts teased a  Wars VR experience, a VR X-Wing Simulator. However, this is not the only Star Wars VR experience that fans will be able to get their hands on in the future. Recent news has shown that there are two different and equally exciting titles in the works. One is a game and is already available for free on the HTC Vive. The other is a movie, and whilst it is still in the works, what little news there is is already exciting.

The Dueling Fates

source: roadtovr.com
source: roadtovr.com

As of yesterday 18 July 2016, the first ever official Star War VR experience is now available, and it is a lightsaber simulator. Called Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine, the game takes place in the original game. Although there are other experiences included in the game, the highlight is very much using a lightsaber to take out stormtroopers. The news site ArsTechnica gives a rundown of what can be expected in the game. Whilst it includes the warning that you shouldn’t by a Vive just for this experience, it is still a great distraction. A more in depth Star Wars VR game might be on the horizon, but Trials on Tatooine is not part of it.

Return of a Favourite

*Heavy Breathing* source: screenrant.com
*Heavy Breathing* source: screenrant.com

Second big news for Star Wars VR comes from the Star Wars celebration which happened over the weekend in Europe. Industrial Lights and Magic are working on a Darth Vader VR movie. As reported by Tech Times, the script is written by David S. Goyer, screenwriter for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. What’s more, the film will be entirely original writing, potentially looking at the early days of the infamous Sith Lord. For now, there is no release date, and even the supported platforms have not been announced. However, the team behind the film’s creative director Pablo Hidalgo says that the film will keep the essence of the Star Wars Universe. He also shares that the title’s narrative will be “experimental storytelling,” with both linear and non-linear elements.

With these two titles, it is a good day to be both a Star Wars fan and a VR user.

source: arstechnica.com; techtimes.com

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