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Twitter enables scheduled tweets up to a year in advance

Twitter has launched the ability to schedule tweets up to one year in advance, in support of its advertisers and commercial users that might want to schedule tweets ahead in time for their promotional campaigns.

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Twitter is beefing up its capability as a provider of social networking services, as well as a platform where brands, marketers and advertisers can reach out to their audience. With Twitter planning an initial public offering, the company is getting into high gear with exploring potential revenue sources. One of these is advertising, which has been the company’s main source of revenue to date.

Twitter is adding the ability to schedule tweets up to a year in advance, enabling advertisers to push messages even during off times, such as evenings, weekends and holidays. Also, business users can time their tweets along with promotions and sales, show premieres and product releases, and there will be no need to hire additional staff to work during these times just to be able to send out an update.

As with other sponsored posting options, business users are able to target their tweets depending on location and demographic, to ensure they reach the right audience.

This update is being pushed alongside two other initiatives. First, Twitter is partnering with advertising companies and TV networks in order to tie up sponsored tweets with shows currently being shown. Second, Twitter plans to expand its ad platform to include third-party sites and mobile websites.

With this effort, Twitter is seen as becoming tougher in terms of competition with other established social networks like Facebook. Twitter has reportedly garnered a headstart over its bigger rival when it comes to mobile development and user engagement in various forms of multimedia — TV screens included. Will Twitter come out as a more capable platform with this new functionality?

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