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new twitter facebook-like profile

Twitter announces new Facebook-like web profiles

 Facebook copies Twitter; Twitter copies Facebook back. 

Twitter mobile

The new Twitter web profiles look uncannily familiar for a reason: they look a lot like Facebook Timelines. Display pictures have gotten smaller, and cover photos cover the full width of the viewport – at least from the official screenshot posted by David Bellona, designer at Twitter.

Here’s how The First Lady’s profile would like with the new design:

new twitter facebook-like profile

And here is how profiles look like currently:

Twitter web profile old

In addition to the new design, Twitter has included three new features. ‘Best Tweets’ automatically increases the size of your most popular tweets to make them easier for new profile visitors to find. To that end, ‘Pinned Tweets’ allows you to set one tweet of your choice at the top of your profile. Lastly, there’s the new ability to view just ‘Tweets’, ‘Tweets with Photos / Videos’, or ‘Tweets and Replies’.

So who’s copying who? Is Facebook copying Twitter, Twitter copying Facebook, or are they both copying Sina Weibo?

Source: Twitter Blog

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