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Turn your tablet into a big-boy computer with Sanwa’s tablet-storing display stand


Sanwa Supply Inc. must have used Windows 8 before, as they have realized that traditional PCs have started to merge with the up and coming barrage of tablet technology. To aid you in making the transition from box-to-pad, Sanwa have released a new handy gadget.

Sanwa’s latest display stand, dubbed the “100-MR066” features a convenient sliding draw which, when exposed, allows you to place a tablet at a comfortable typing angle.

While typing on a touch screen is far from ideal, users who wish to free themselves from the convenience of a full-sized Qwerty keyboard can go ahead and use a tablet as their input device, as well as their computing device.




Of course, this isn’t the only option, and by sliding the draw (which actually has enough space to store two tablets simultaneously!) back into the stand it is possible to have all the convenience of a mobile computing device, coupled with the functionality of a fully fledged desktop computer, as it frees up desk space allowing you to use an external keyboard and mouse.


The underbelly of the tablet-storing stand is left open, and this allows you to store your keyboard and mouse under the stand too when not in use. This form factor allows for super neat-freaks and Zen practitioners to relish in the comfort of an empty desk whenever you aren’t using your computer.



Design wise, this seemingly-innocuous stand is top-notch. The sliding drawer can be used in any number of ways, and in addition to the aforementioned “tablet stand” configuration, pulling out the drawer just a tiny amount lets you stand a smartphone or tablet vertically too, giving you the full screen space of an external display coupled with the convenient touch-panel interface of a tablet.


The stand also contains a space in the back to hold a power unit, allowing you to store charger cables inside the drawer too.



The stand has dimensions of 702x300x100mm, with internal drawer dimensions of 659x217x19mm. It can reportedly take a weight of 7kg on the top of the stand, and 1.5kg on the drawer.


The 100-MR066 is available via mail order here for 5,480 Yen (US$66).


Source: PC Watch

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