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TSMC’s 7nm node to go into risk production next year


In an investor meeting, TSMC’s co-CEO Mark Liu said that the shift to a 7nm process was well underway, with risk production kicking off sometime in Q2 2017. Liu announced that the fab has over 20 customers lined up, and that the 7nm node will target both mobile and high-performance computing applications.

Volume production on the 7nm node is also on schedule, and is set to commence in 2018. TSMC is also aiming to make the eventual switch to 5nm by 2020, and will likely start conducting feasibility runs from 2019.

As for its near-term targets, TSMC is looking to kick off volume production of the 10nm node by the end of the year. The node will be significant to the company’s bottom line as it will mainly target mobile devices. Following a slow start to the year, it looks like TSMC will see an uptick in revenues to the tune of 10%.


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