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TSMC will conduct 7nm production trials in 1H 2017


TSMC has signified its intent to move to the 7nm manufacturing node by 2018. The Taiwanese vendor has said as much in its Q1 earnings, and today it has announced that it will launch 7nm production trials in the first half of 2017.

In a statement mailed to shareholders, chairman Morris Chang said that the vendor was engaging with over 20 customers over the 7nm node, with plans to have finalized designs for at least 15 customers in 2017. TSMC just finished its 10nm FinFET node for customers last quarter, and it looks like the vendor will highlight its 10nm nodes as well as an update on the 7nm process at the Design Automation Conference 2016, which will be held in Texas in the month of June.

TSMC is well along its plans to commence mass production of the 7nm node by 2018. With the company seeing a downturn in revenues in Q1 2016 on account of falling sales in the high-end mobile segment, new process nodes will have a large role to play.

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