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TSMC reportedly tasked with the bulk of A9 production

Looks like Samsung may not play a vital role in the production of Apple’s next major processor.


Samsung has long been a component manufacturing partner for Apple but relationship between the two companies has soured over the past couple of years. This has led to countless rumors about Apple wanting to diversify its supply chain and moving business away from the Korean conglomerate.

The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company has already been contracted to build processors for Apple but so far the bulk of the production is handled by Samsung. New rumors suggests that this might change down the line as Apple shifts majority of the production over to TSMC.

Apparently the reason why Apple is going with TSMC instead for the A9 processor, which will be used in next-generation iOS devices, is because the manufacturer has better production yields. If this is indeed true then TSMC is surely in for a bigger piece of the Apple pie.

There’s also speculation which points towards the legal disputes between Samsung and Apple, they’re also believed to be the reason why the Cupertino-company wants to move business away from its major rival.

It is too soon to fully believe in this rumors. For all we know Apple might change this decision at the last moment, and its not like the company has confirmed how its approaching the production of the A9 processor.

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