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Try out the flatness of iOS 7 on your flat monitor

If you’re looking for more information regarding Apple’s iOS 7, look no further because there’s a web-based demo available just so you can fool around with the latest OS without having to first install it on your phone.

The web-based interactive demo of iOS 7 is found on recombu.  Along with its ability show off the ‘flatter’ and ‘cleaner’ side of iOS, the virtual demo also has a guide right next to the virtual iPhone to tell you the differences between the latest iOS and the prior version.

As expected, the hands-on demo demonstrates the drastic changes from iOS 6 to iOS 7.  If you have an iPhone with iOS 6 in-hand, just hold it up right next to the computer screen and see for yourself with Jony Ive has done to change revamp iOS.

iOS 7 is currently in beta, so keep in mind that anything you see in the demo is subject to changes when the consumer-ready version is deployed.  Although you won’t be able to ‘fully experience’ iOS 7 unless its installed on a physical iPhone, the web demo is still very impressive, as even the camera app works—albeit, you’ll need to have some sort of webcam installed on your PC.  Oh, you can even select the color of your iPhone!


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