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“Tron-Mode” Seen Working on HTC Vive

In a recent post on Reddit, a short video clip has surfaced displaying “Tron-mode” by the new HTC Vive Pre’s pass-through camera.

This feature would be tremendously useful since the head-mounted display cuts you off from the real world.

As stated by Reddit user YuntiMcGunti,

This is why this feature is not just for room scale vr. It would be so useful to have this to:

-locate/center your hands on a steering wheel and find button

-ditto for joysticks, flight yoke etc…..

-easily put down controllers on a desk

-quickly check if someone has come in the room and where they are so you don’t bump into them.

This is the stark difference between the Oculus Rift CV1 and the HTC Vive.  YuntiMcGunti continued to state,

This is the thing I’m most disappointed that oculus hasn’t included and will likely make me sell my free oculus cv1 (kickstarter backer) for the vive.

Another Reddit user, FIleCorrupted, goes on to say,

Even though it is monoscopic, it is still very capable

-Just because it is monoscopic doesn’t mean you won’t have any idea of 3d. Close one of your eyes and move your head around, things still look 3d to you, they just lack stereoscopy. Check out this video that creates a very convincing 3d effect with only a wii mote and a tv.

-The lighthouse still knows where your head is in this environment, and can solve for a number of very advanced and convincing effects. For example, it would be very easy (trivial, even) to place augmented reality 3d objects in this camera feed that are fully stereoscopic, further enhancing the feeling of 3d.

-That edge detection you are seeing there isn’t just a simple filter, we don’t know all the details, but there is some interesting stuff happening to that image before it touches the API (According to chet faliszek, I could be wrong on what he meant though)

Time will only tell if Oculus and PSVR will get on board with this feature, but based on its apparent usefulness, we are likely to see this in all high-end VR HMDs to come.

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