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Triplex EYE BOMB Radeon 9800 Pro Review

The latest card from Triplex within their new EYE BOMB series is the Radeon 9800 Pro that comes in a nice clear acrylic box with some decent accessories for video enthusiasts.

Introduction :

It is
no doubt that ATi has created a series of
successful GPUs first with their R300 and now the
R350 and stolen the performance crown from
graphics leader NVIDIA for quite a while. The R350
VPU is packed with several key improvements such
as higher core/memory clock speeds, inclusion of
F-buffer technology, better memory controller
optimizations and enhanced Z-cache for real-time
dynamic shadow rendering. The recent launch of
NVIDIA GeForce FX 5900 Ultra codenamed NV35 proved
too strong for R350 to handle and will be making
its way to the retail market by end of this month.
Definitely, ATi will not just sit back and let
NVIDIA grab back the performance crown. Instead
ATi will be releasing the R360 in Q3 this year
with higher clock frequencies. Therefore we will
be looking yet again the performance tussle
between ATi and NVIDIA and it will be NV35 vs

Triplex has been known for their GeForce 4
Titanium series especially their Ti4600 with the
briefcase like packaging and also their Ti4200
with 2.2ns memory chips. This time round, Triplex
has made a switch over to ATi by releasing a
series of Radeon cards and interestingly, they are
still making NVIDIA cards as well. The latest card
from Triplex within their new EYE BOMB series is
the Radeon 9800 Pro that comes in a nice clear
acrylic box with some decent accessories for

enthusiasts. Triplex Radeon 9800 Pro looks exactly
like the reference card and is clocked at
380/340Mhz and using the 2.8ns memory chips. I
this article, we will check out the baseline
Direct3D and OpenGL gaming performance with no
AA/AF and 4xAA/8xAF for different group of gamers.
Most importantly, we will check out how well this
card will overclock too.



Process Technology
0.15 micron
(115M Transistors)

AGP Interface
AGP 8x (2GB/s

Core Engine
9800 Pro

Core Clock

Memory Type/Size
128MB Samsung

Memory Clock
340Mhz DDR

Memory Bandwidth


PCB Layers

Max Resolution
2048 X 1536 X

Output Options
DVI-I Output /
TV Output / VGA Output

Cinematic Rendering

  • Up to 256MB of
    DDR memory provides increased performance when
    rendering high resolution textures, characters,
    and environments
  • 256-bit memory
    interface delivers the bandwidth for real-time
    3D graphics and barrier-free performance
  • 8-pixel pipeline
    architecture doubles the rendering power of
    other graphics processors
    supports the latest Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0
    feature set, enabling cinematic quality lighting
    and shadow effects.
    2.1 delivers the sharpest, clearest textures
    without sacrificing frame rates.
  • 128-bit full
    floating point precision enables billions of
    color variations to render the same lighting and
    effects as Hollywood studios.
  • Featuring
    CATALYST™, the industry’s most stable 3D
    acceleration software.

Generation Now Technology

  • Supports the
    latest Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 and OpenGL®
    feature sets, ensuring long-term compatibility
    with the hottest gaming releases.
    removes blocky artifacts from streaming Internet
    video to deliver smoother looking, higher
    quality online content.
    integrates features to provide unprecedented
    support for digital and high definition video.


Package Content

  • Triplex Radeon 9800 Pro Card
  • User Manual
  • Installation CD-ROM
  • DVI-I to VGA converter
  • S-VHS Cable
  • Standard composite video cable
  • S-VHS/Composite converter

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