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Trio of Quad HD new Motorolas likely in the works already, headed for Verizon

A complete lineup of new Droids, or just the one Turbo sequel, alongside a third-generation Moto X and… a big-battery phablet of sorts?

Droid Turbo

They say the Nexus 6 isn’t exactly selling like hotcakes due to its somewhat restrictive size and extravagant price. Meanwhile, the Droid Turbo can’t possibly play in the same league as Samsung’s Galaxy S6 pair with a single carrier in its corner, whereas the 2014 Moto X never really got a chance to shine.

Before it could make any kind of impact on the high-end smartphone market, the “X2” was made to look obsolete by its long-lasting Turbo sibling and stock Android-running, gargantuan, Snapdragon 805-packing N6 cousin.

Still, old habits seem to die hard, with Motorola intent on putting its 2015 top-shelf eggs in as many baskets as last year. That’s right, at least three Moto powerhouses are nigh, all sporting 2,560 x 1,440 pix res screens.

Droid Ultra Maxx Mini

Model numbered XT1578, XT1585 and XT192A, these will all go on sale through America’s largest wireless network in the fall, according to semi-reliable insiders. No word on whether or not they’ll be exclusive to Verizon, but if that’s the case, the Droid Ultra and Mini franchises should be rebooted in addition to the Turbo, formerly known as Maxx.

It’s also possible a new Droid Mini is on deck, but not a 2015 Droid Ultra. In which case one of the three imminent handhelds would be the same as the recently rumored 16 MP OIS camera-touting third-gen Moto X. Or perhaps we’re looking at a phablet-sized Turbo 2 chaperoning a “one-hand-friendly” Turbo 2 and X3 to store shelves.

Clearly, nothing’s certain until… it’s certain, except that Motorola will keep throwing flagships against the wall to see what sticks. With ultra-sharp displays, 5.1 Lollipop software pre-loaded and, who knows, maybe even futuristic deca-core Snapdragon 818 processors under the hood.

Sources: Phone Arena, Reddit

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