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Trinus – An Actually Affordable Modular 3D Printer

There is without a doubt that 3D printers are the current ‘it’ gadget when tech gadgets are concerned. For this week’s ‘Crowdfunding Campaign Of The Week’, we feature Trinus, a modular  industrial-grade 3D printer for your home which is able to double up as a laser engraver of sorts.

Trinus 1

How does Trinus then differ from the others of its class? Hypothetically, if 3D printers were horses, Trinus would be a unicorn leading the team. It is made up of 11 aluminium and steel modular components for easy and quick assembly (Trinus claims all you need is 30 minutes from unboxing to printing), unlike the rest which comes in many broken down parts.

Unlike its competitors who work from the view point of ‘making the most affordable 3D printer from the ground up’, Trinus is invented with the top down approach – as it is a scaled down version of single-axis slide industrial grade 3D printers.


Expect less technical failures caused by flimsy plastic parts, as Trinus’s modular components are constructed with premium aluminium and steel. Due to its metal frame and internal components, there is no need for constant recalibration for your next project, as all its parts remain securely in place. Tribus is able to 3D print with five different materials, namely Aluminium, Flex, Wood, ABS and Polycarbonate Filament – which some 3D printers of a higher class are unable to.

In addition to its already long list of features, the Trinus also doubles up as a Laser Engraver with a simple change of the nozzle – which would take no longer than a minute. The Laser Engraver is able to work on soft materials like food, leather, cork and wood – which is really neat especially when customising gifts during the holiday season.

Trinus - 4
Image Credit: Trinus

Technical Specifications:

Print Volume: 120 x 125 x 125mm

Print Speed: 70mm/sec

Print Material: 1.75mm – ABS, Wood, PC, Flex, PLA

Moving Speed: Up to 150mm/sec

OS Supported: Windows and Mac

Connectivity: USB and SD Card

Power Consumption: 60 Watts

Weight: 9.8kg

Trinus 5

Availability and Price

The Trinus 3D printer starts retailing at SG$404 (US$299) with international shipping at an additional charge – shipping to Singapore will cost you SG$108 (US$80). The starter pledge package includes a 45g pack of premium Polymaker filament. Additional components like the PolyPlus and Heated Bed Platform can be purchased for SG$38 (US$25) and SG$54 (US$40) respectively. All orders look set to be fulfilled come August later this year.

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