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TransferJet compatible SD cards soon to be available

An agreement between the SD Association and TransferJet Consortium may lead to the development of SD cards with built-in TransferJet functionality.


TransferJet may be a little trickier to use than other wireless data transfer tech, but it does show the promise of convenience, with its “wired-like” wireless data transfer speeds.Soon however, the technology may even become a lot more convenient.

The SD Association have recently signed a collaborative agreement with the TransferJet Consortium to promote the technology further, with plans to develop SD cards that are compatible with TransferJet technology. With the combination of the near-ubiquity of SD cards in mobile devices, and TransferJet’s potential in high-speed wireless data transfer, the Consortium hopes to make the technology more widespread and more practical for ordinary applications.

TransferJet technology’s effective transmission range is only around a few centimeters. This may not be an issue to internal or built-in components using the technology, but this makes any external TransferJet hardware a bit difficult to use. A TransferJet dongle may not be very practical to use on another TransferJet dongle. Moreover, some of the peripherals and data storage media that use TransferJet are proprietary, and can only be used on a limited number of mobile devices.

By using an SD card as a standard medium, TransferJet technology could be made as the primary wireless data transfer medium for most mobile devices. Even older devices not installed with TransfJet chips would be able to use the technology. It could possibly even exceed Bluetooth technology in terms of practical data transfer usability, should it become more prevalent.

The TransferJet Consortium is a group of tech companies that develop the specifications and standards for the TransferJet technology. Founded in 2008, its current promoter members (as of 2014) include Japan Radio, Olympus, Seiko Epson, Toshiba, and Sony, the original developer of the technology.

Source: SD Association

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